Parabens – What are they and are they safe?

We often see several parabens on the ingredients list of products we buy in stores. From foods to cosmetics and hair products, there seems to be parabens in most things. But have you ever wondered what parabens are, and most importantly, if they are even safe for our families and ourselves?

Here we discuss parabens and their pros and cons, so that you may better understand this ingredient and make a more informed decision about the health of your family and the products you use.

What are Parabens?

Simply put, parabens are manmade preservatives that allow us to lengthen the shelf life of products. When used in small amounts, they are a great way of preserving and protecting the quality and integrity of specific products. Parabens can be taken orally, through food, or absorbed through our skin, such as in moisturisers and other cosmetic products. Parabens can also be found naturally in foods like blueberries, onions, cucumbers, and carrots. However, we must understand that while they may be naturally occurring in some fruits and vegetables, the products we buy contain man-made synthetics parabens.

Are Parabens harmful to my family?

Parabens and their safety have frequently landed in the hot seat over the last 50 years or so. Multiple studies have been done to determine the effects of parabens on our bodies. The greatest arguments have revolved around the potential of parabens being a major player in breast cancer, especially since it acts similarly to the female hormone, , and this hormone has been linked to this type of cancer. There have also been claims about the role that parabens play in reproductive problems and allergic reactions.

Despite the fact that it is studied with such vigour, many laws have remained unchanged regarding the use of parabens, especially in the US. With so many studies that call to the potential risk of parabens, there are equally as many that prove that parabens are perfectly safe if the levels used are relatively low.

Since 2014, however, the list of parabens that are banned in the EU has increased and they have even suggested that laws should be changed to lower the acceptable levels of those not banned. In Denmark, they have specifically outlawed all parabens in children’s products to safeguard the health of their little ones as they are more vulnerable to the hormonal effect.

Ultimately, the risk lies with the consumer. Since we are not a hundred percent sure of the full effect that parabens have on our bodies, no one can say with absolute certainty whether we are safe or not.

At Zinplex, we feel that parabens should ideally be avoided completely. Our Zinplex Junior syrups contain no parabens to keep our little ones as safe as possible. Our immune booster is perfect for kids from 3 months old and parents can rest easy, knowing that a trusted brand is looking out for their family.