"Two-year-old Ju-Alize can finally bath without pain and can play like other toddlers, after a Cape Town doctor diagnosed her with Acrodermatitis Enteropathica."
Ju-Alize, like many two-year-olds, loves to play in the garden and climb on chairs and play with her mommy’s hair, but until now, she was not even able to wear a T-shirt or a pair of pants.

Just two months after her first birthday, Ju-Alize’s parents noticed a small blister on her lip, but never thought anything of it. Little did they know that the blister would cause them heartache for the next eight months of their baby girl’s life.

“We just thought that it was caused by her dummy, but by the morning, she had a rash on her knee and by the next day, it had spread like a wild fire. It was in her toenails and fingernails, on her calves, arms and it even started in the white of her eyes and tear ducts,” says Liza, Ju-Alize’s mom.

The worried couple, who live in Strubenvale, spent the next few months visiting doctor after doctor, trying to find out what was happening to their angel.

“We saw 14 doctors from Springs, Pretoria and even Rustenburg. We went to two homeopaths, four dermatologists and a number of pediatricians and no-one could help us,” she says with tears in her eyes.

The Vogel family was give cortisone creams and medication and to make matters worse, they were first-time parents and frowned upon by the community.

“So many people whispered behind our backs, asking if we had burnt her. People looked at us like we were bad parents. It got so bad, that we stopped going out, I could not understand how people could criticise us, even though they didn’t know what had happened,” she says, with the toddler crawling at her feet.

Ju-Alize Today

The rash on Ju-Alize’s body turned to blisters and eventually began peeling. She lost all her hair, as well as her eyelashes and eyebrows. Every time the now active toddler needed a bath, both parents would need to cut her clothing off.

“The rash never dried out, so her clothes stuck to her all the time. It was so painful to see my baby in so much pain and I felt helpless, because there was nothing that I could do. I could not give up work, because medical bills were so high, so my mother-in-law would sit with her during the day. My baby could not move and would lie still on lots of soft pillows,” Liza says emotionally.

Eventually, they were given the number of a doctor in Cape Town who could possibly help them.

“This doctor took one look at a picture of Ju-Alize and said that she was suffering from a zinc deficiency. He prescribed medication, which can be bought over the counter and only costs about R40 at that time,” she says, adding that after two days of taking Zinplex, her baby’s body started healing.

“I could not believe the change in her, she stopped crying and started looking much better. Within three weeks, her body was clear of all blisters and rash. The doctor in Cape Town said that although she was now clear, she would need to take the medicine for the rest of her life,” says Liza, adding that a salesman selling Zinplex has offered to supply the medicine to the family at no cost.


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