Growing with you for 25 years

Thank you South Africa
Loved and trusted by you!

Growing with you for 25 Years

How Zinplex Started

In 1998, the idea of Zinplex was born by the founding father of Zinplex, Mr. Ockert Fourie. He was a trained pharmacist who suffered from cold sores. His doctor recommended zinc, at that time he could not find any zinc over the counter supplements. Upon further investigation, he found many leading articles explaining the health benefits of zinc and was amazed, and the idea of a proudly South African zinc supplement was born...

How it Started

Zinplex 60's

In 1999, the final combination of the Zinplex supplement was developed. Mr. Ockert Fourie consulted a few doctors and they recommended adding selenium AAC to the supplement. As zinc and selenium AAC are very compatible minerals, both excellent for hormonal function, the skin, and the immune system.  Soon Zinplex became the combination of zinc and selenium and the final Zinplex 60’s was born.

Impact of WHO & UNICEF Research

Benefits of Zinc For Children

In 2003, the WHO and UNICEF investigated the benefits of zinc for children in developing countries. This had a big impact on Zinplex and immediate research began on how to introduce and create a Zinplex supplement for children in South Africa. THE WHO and UNICEF found that supplementation of zinc was excellent to minimize upper respiratory infections and diarrhoea.

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Another Year of Firsts

Zinplex Junior & Exports

In 2006, our Zinplex Junior Syrup was born and we shipped the first Zinplex products to Namibia, our first international client.

Healing Power of Zinc

Zinplex Transformation

In 2008, Zinplex sponsored a little baby girl suffering from a severe zinc deficiency called Acrodermatitis Enteropathica. This little girl suffered terribly, and as soon as she started taking Zinplex the parents reported a transformation in her within 24 hours. The improvement was sensational in just five days. As a teenager she continues to supplement with Zinplex, and she has not experienced any further problems with this condition.

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We started to branch out...

Our Facial Range Launch

In 2010, we designed and launched our facial range. The Zinplex Facial Wash and Treatment Gel, as well as the Zinplex Combo pack for the skin was born.
Zinplex, Zaps, Zits!

More Signs of Growth

Our Warehouse

In 2012, we moved to our own warehouse and present premises.

Our Very First...

Government Tender

In 2014, we acquired our first government tender! We provided the government with zinc dispersible tablets and a Zinplex Junior Syrup for clinics nationwide.

Keeping it in the family

We Decided to Keep our Skincare Production Close To Home

In 2015, we manufactured our own Skincare Products for the first time.

We just keep growing...

Introducing our new Zinplex D3 Products

In 2021, we launched our new Zinplex Junior Syrup 200 ml (With Vit D3) and Zinplex Triple Plus 30’s, and we continue to expand the brand and provide quality products at an amazing price!

We Will Keep Growing With You

Today And Beyond

Thank you South Africa, loved and trusted by you! Remember, don’t make supplementation complex, keep it Zinplex – as we have done for 25 years.

Our business caters for and operates in the following areas of expertise:

We are excited about our future. We believe in quality products at affordable prices for all our UK customers and we will continue to strive for this!

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Zinplex Ensures Quality

Zinplex strives to provide our customers with the highest possible quality. To ensure we keep our promise, Zinplex is associated with two reputable organizations. This association will be able to give customers peace of mind when it comes to our products, providing a guarantee that our products contain only the purest ingredients, no unknown or banned substances and that these products actually work as they were designed to.