Zinc, Kalahari Watermelon and your skin.

The Zinplex facial range offers a unique combination of ingredients to help you with your skin. The importance of zinc in the human body is constantly under research and many things have been discovered.

Yet when it comes to the skin, zinc has been used for many years as a treatment for dermatological conditions like warts, inflammatory dermatoses which includes skin ailments like acne vulgaris, rosacea and pigmentation disorders. The role of zinc on your skin is very well documented. Not only is it necessary for skin health on a cellular level for regeneration, but it also has an anti-inflammatory and balancing effect on your skin. This means that it will improve your skin quality and texture. The use of zinc with anti-acne topical treatments or combining zinc with topical antibiotics is considered to be: “Either equal or superior to erythromycin, tetracycline, or clindamycin (antibiotics) when used alone.”

Consequently, zinc has an enhancing effect on the topical treatments used on your skin to treat any condition while providing a healing effect. When it comes to the Zinplex Facial Range we combine the power of vitamin A with zinc to create an effective acne-controlling topical treatment. This combination is particularly amazing for oily skin types and it assists at controlling sebum production as well as healing the skin faster. The Zinplex Facial Range is both a treatment for acne and a way to prevent it.

And what is the role of Kalahari Watermelon?

Kalahari Watermelon is the ancestor of the normal watermelon and the oil in its seeds contains many beneficial properties for the skin. This watermelon has been used by many traditional cultures for centuries to hydrate the skin. The Kalahari Watermelon or Citrullus lanatus “has excellent cosmetic benefits such as moisturising, regenerating and restructuring properties, which promotes the integrity of the epidermal cell walls and regulates epidermal hydration.”

Kalahari Watermelon feeds the skin with essential proteins and fatty acids and it protects the skin from environmental wear and tear as it assists the skin’s cells to maintain their integrity.

Not only is the Zinplex Facial Range treating and preventing skin conditions like pimples and acne, but it is also healing and balancing the skin to make sure it has the correct PH for a happy, healthy skin.

Zinplex has been a trusted brand for the past 23 years, healing the skin from the inside out.